Check out the ( what is selling now pg). So you can tell me what you want.  

Red wigglers are good for smaller fish. 

Red wigglers are 50% female and 50% male

at Tylers worm farm we also have night crawlers  (not selling now)

the night crawler are also 50%female and 50% male

night crawlers are good for fishing

Tylers worms will hook your fish 

So come and stop by the farm and get some worms.

If you want some worms my number is or 252-726-6953 or 252-342-9653.

worms are fun pets !!!!!!!!

if you are like me:)

Hi my name is Tyler i am the owner of Tylers worm farm. I am 15 and i love to run a worm farm. I got started when my teacher Mrs. Scott done a project about worms in class.So i did some research and got started on my on worm bin. Then a couple months later i started to think that i could make money from it. That is when Tyler's Worm Farm was born.

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